2 Simple Ways for Introducing Counting to Your Toddler - SparkleBox - Sparklebox
2 Simple Ways for Introducing Counting to Your Toddler – SparkleBox

2 Simple Ways for Introducing Counting to Your Toddler – SparkleBox

Fun Math Activities for Toddlers

Introducing  simple counting can be quite easy and fun when you provide activities such as these math activities for toddlers we are showcasing today !

The first one of them is the Dump truck counting mat which is quite fun and engaging and the second one is Button Counting which is quite easy and simple. 

Dump truck counting mat 

Materials required:(For building the truck)

1) A4 size sheet 

2)Watercolors/Acrylic Colors/Crayons/ Sketch pens

3)Number Cards 

4)Pencils and Erasers

Materials required :(For loading the truck)

Of Course you can fill the truck with anything but here are just few ideas if you’d like to tie it in to a letter study:

B – dried beans, blocks

C – cotton balls

F – feathers

L – letters

M – marshmallows

N – noodles

P – paper clips

R – rubber bands

T – toothpicks


1)We need to draw the truck first on the A4 size sheet using a pencil.

2)We need to color the truck to make it look attractive using watercolors/Acrylic Colors/Crayons/ Sketch pens .

3)We are all set for loading the truck , We just need to choose a number and  place the number card on the truck so that it’s clear how much loading will happen.

4)After we have chosen how much we want to load on the truck we can start loading it with blocks,pebbles,beans,gems,toffees, and anything whichever we can count and fit in there. 

5)We just have to keep in mind that whichever number we have chosen in the number card we need to load the exact same number of things in the truck so overloading doesn’t happen.

Button Counting

Materials required:

  1. A4 size sheet 
  2. Pencil 
  3. Eraser
  4. Buttons


1)We need to draw some circles on the A4 size sheet .

2)We need to place some buttons on each of the circles. 

3)We need to identify  how many buttons are there in each of the circles.

4)We need to write the numbers of buttons on each circle in the bottom part of the circles.

To get a more clear idea check this link : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=g-MyhNEtm9I&feature=youtu.be


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