15 Very Hungry Caterpillar Crafts for Kids

15 Very Hungry Caterpillar Crafts for Kids

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The Hungry Caterpillar art and crafts are one of the most famous children’s books. The book contains many stories, along with beautiful and creative examples. You can even continue the caterpillar story by innovating your own very hungry caterpillar craft for kids.

15 Caterpillar Craft Activities

  1. A Cupcake liner by using the crafts for Hungry Caterpillar for kids

A cupcake liner is one of the perfect options for caterpillar crafts. You can also add some googly eyes with a colourful and cute smile to make your hungry caterpillar craft for kids look more attractive. You can choose four different colours to make the butterfly’s body and learn how to make a caterpillar easily.

Things needed to make a cupcake liner:

●  Colourful cupcakes cases or liners

●  Glue

●  Sticky gems

●  Sticks

●  Googly eyes

  1. Paperchain craft by using the hungry caterpillar crafts for kids

Kids always love to make crafts that include a paper chain. This caterpillar chain made by using paper looks very similar to a Hungry Caterpillar. The result would be a cute caterpillar that you can display in your home and add to the collection of hungry caterpillar crafts for kids.

Things needed to make a DIY caterpillar craft:

●  Scissors

●  Stapler

●  Coloured papers

●  Googly eyes

●  Glue

 craft materials need to make hungry caterpillar

  1. Fruit pizza cookies by using the very hungry caterpillar crafts for kids

A starving caterpillar fruit pizza cookie would be an excellent choice for hungry caterpillar craft for kids. These cookies together make an attractive caterpillar. Children have fun while holding the cookies in their hands and tasting them all. You can get the cookie dough ready-made from a store near your house.

  1. Pom-pom Caterpillar by using the very hungry caterpillar crafts for kids

This is the best option of hungry caterpillar craft for kids and toddlers who love to read. You can make this creative craft at your home for your kids.

  1. Marshmallow caterpillar:

Marshmallow crafting involves a lot of fun. Your kids will learn many new painting techniques while working on this hungry caterpillar craft for kids.

  1. Art and Finger painting by using the very hungry caterpillar crafts for kids

You can create this hungry and attractive caterpillar art with the help of your small fingertips. Sounds easy, right? You can even display it in your child’s room as a decoration piece.

  1. Hungry Caterpillar birthday bash crafts for kids
make fun caterpillar crafts at home for kids

A caterpillar based party is a perfect theme for the birthday party of your child. You can even make a caterpillar with colourful balloons and construction paper.

  1. A Paper plate hungry caterpillar crafts for kids

A paper plate caterpillar craft is straightforward and easy to make. Things needed to make a paper plate caterpillar craft:

●  Paper plate

●  Scissors

●  Colours

●  Cardstock

●  Glue

●  Googly eyes

●  Stapler

  1. Motor activity caterpillar crafts for kids

This craft activity includes strengthening the motor skills of your child. All you need to do is help the caterpillar with the fruit with a hole punch.

  1. Memory game caterpillar craft for kids

Memory game hungry caterpillar craft for kids helps to improve the concentration levels of your kids. It is just like another word game that guarantees full-time entertainment for your family. You can also use these cards as a very hungry caterpillar story.

  1. Finger puppets caterpillar craft for kids
make finger puppet caterpillar craft

You can craft out this Very hungry caterpillar puppet for fingers on construction paper. You can also cut out shapes for your toddler.

Things needed to make finger puppets caterpillar crafts:

●  Templates for Very hungry caterpillar finger puppets

●  Thick paper or cardboard

●  Scissors

●  Glue

  1. Painting on the sponge by using hungry caterpillar crafts:

Every kid loves the Very hungry, caterpillar sponge painting. This craft is for two types of kids- one who loves sponge and ones who love painting.

Things needed to make Very hungry caterpillar sponge painting:

●  White painting paper

●  Paints

●  Sponges

●  Scissors

●  Googly eyes

●  Black Marker

●  Construction paper

  1. Puzzle based on the hungry caterpillar crafts for kids

A hungry caterpillar puzzle craft is a delightful puzzle that will make your kids busy. Creating this puzzle is very easy and requires only 5 to 10 minutes.

Things needed to do a puzzle:

●  Book cover

●  Cereal box

●  Scissors

●  Sharpie

●  Glue

  1. First birthday party using the caterpillar crafts

There are a ton of birthday party ideas based on theme caterpillar art and craft. You can create a collage of hungry caterpillar craft for kids at the birthday party. You can even design caterpillar themed invites for the birthday party.

  1. Caterpillar craft for kids using the beads
 caterpillar craft made from beads

You can design caterpillar art projects for preschoolers by bending the pipes into the shape of a hungry caterpillar. With just two supplies, you can make a perfect little crafty pet for your child.

Things needed to make Bead caterpillar craft:

●  Pipe cleaners

●  10-20 pony beads to fit into the pipe cleaners


Everything that you need to make the hungry caterpillar craft for kids is always present in your home. These craft items will make a perfect playtime for your kids. We have provided you with all tips to learn how to make them. So don’t keep sitting and have fun with these craft ideas with your kiddos!

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15 Very Hungry Caterpillar Crafts for Kids