Books for kids that tell all about the world
12 Must-Read Books for Kids That Tell All About the World

12 Must-Read Books for Kids That Tell All About the World

Books for Kids

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Books for Kids

Books are known to be the best friend of every human. It is a poetic rhyme of words that relaxes and comforts every soul and mind. Reading books is not only a good source for kids to increase their knowledge but also it helps them to create a warm connection with their parents. Adding to this, it also gives kids a new way to think and react as well as enhances their imaginative and creative skills. But the general obstacle that every child faces is choosing the right books for themselves. This blog will be a blessing for every child who is rolling with the same nightmare. Here, we are going to discuss the best 12 most recommended books every kid must have on his bookshelf. So, let’s get started-

12 Most Recommended Books for kids 

12 must-reads

These are the 12 books for kids which every parent surely buy-

The Night Dairy

This beautiful book will give your toddler extremely chill vibes. It is known as a Newbery Honor Book Of 2019. It describes the story of a young girl who’s half Muslim and half Hindu. However, this book basically depicts the philosophy of courage and family plus this will surely make your pre-schooler aware a lot about the history of the world.

The Girl Who Drank The Moon

This storybook is the New York Times Best Seller as well has been consolidated with numerous awards. It is basically a storyline on Xan witch with interesting turns and twists.

Percy Jackson Series

This is basically a 5 book set that contains the complete series and is very well-liked and loved by teenagers. It is a hero league of a 12-year-old boy who showcases unbelievable heroism, courage, power ad strength.

Up For Air

This storybook helps toddlers to tackle the multiple challenges that they face in their daily life especially young girls when they enter into the teenage phase of their life. The story is about a young girl Annabelle who loves to do swimming but faced difficulty while learning it. And the major twist comes she when finds her best friend starts changing and an older boy seems to be interested in her. 

Harry Potter Series

12 must-reads

These seven books will make the childhood of every toddler remarkable. It is the most loved and liked book series by everyone. Moreover, this is the story about an orphan boy Harry who becomes the savior of the world.

The Science Of Breakable Things

Mental health issues are a common problem for teenagers and elders. This book narrates a story about a young girl named Natalie who tries to cheer her month. Basically, the story addresses mental illness and explores healthy friendships.

Mostly the Honest Truth

If you want to read something which is outside your fantasy zone, then this book for kids is a great choice. This particular storybook is beautiful, heartwarming, and inspiring. It is about a child whose name is Jane, who is determined to see her father again as he is sent back to rehab. Later the girl realizes that family is more than blood relations.

Track Series

Even the preschoolers who are least interested in sports will love this Jason Reynold’s Track Series.  This is basically a story about four kids on a track team. These kids were facing different issues in life such as having a parent in prison etc. The first two books of the series are very much appreciated and loved by most of the viewers.

All Of Me

It is believed that body positivity is a phenomenon that toddlers learn at a young age. If your child struggles in loving their body or is depressed about it, then this book is for you.

Roll with it

Books for Kids

This book for kids has beautifully depicted fiction with a physical disability. There are lot many places where kids get encountered with such individuals but do they really know how to respond to them. However, this is a great choice for your kids to understand the situation of others perfectly and greet them appropriately. 

Strange Bird –A strange guide to Ruffling Feather

This book has been reviewed in New York Times and also has received a couple of starred reviews by the audience. This particular narration is filled with adventure, hilarity, and a lot of bonding.


This storybook for kids is about an anxious girl with physical and psychological effects. If you feel that your child suffers from anxiety or any of his/ her friends do then pick this one for them.

Advantages of Books for kids

  1. The first advantage of books for kids is it works as a great companion for them
  2. The second advantage of books for kids is that it helps in the enhancement of the vocabulary of your child.
  3. The third advantage of books for kids is that it gives them the opportunity of cultural experiences.
  4. The fourth advantage of books for kids is the holistic development that it provides to the kids.
  5. The fifth advantage of books for kids is the enhancement of the thinking and creative skills of toddlers.


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We hope that the above list of books for kids will be helpful to you and your toddlers to pick the right one for them. Above all, the right choice of books will certainly lead to the right path of development and guide your kid for the future. 

Happy Reading!!


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