10 Robot Car Toys That Develop STEM Learning in Kids
Learn to Code with Robot Car Toys for Kids

Learn to Code with Robot Car Toys for Kids

robot car toys for kids to help them learn coding

Robot Car Toys for Kids

Robot cars have become a popular toy for kids and adults. The newest trend is to teach kids how to code with these cool toys! If you are looking for the best robot car toys for your child, we’ve got an article that discusses the top 10 robot car toys in order of price from lowest to highest cost. It will give you some ideas on which one would be best suited for your child’s age range and skill set.

What are Robot Car Toys?

Robot car toys are toy cars that come with a controller where the child can program in different ways for the car to perform, drive and react. Following are the different types of robot car toys kids can play with:

  1. Educational Robot Car Toys: These are basic toys that come with a controller and can be programmed in different ways to perform. They have the simplest programming for kids aged between eight years old and up.
  2. Coding Robot Toy: The difference with these is they require your child to learn coding skills, such as programming loops, conditions, etc., which usually requires children over 12+ years of age or those who are more advanced at coding already.
  3. Programmable Toy Car: This type provides many options for children to play out their imagination through various possible scenarios on its predetermined path by using keypad input commands or pre-programmed settings. It can also be used as a ‘driving’ game where players race against each other while following certain rules.
robot car toys for kids


Robot car toys have become increasingly more popular as they help children learn how to code without having any previous programming experience or knowledge of coding languages such as Scratch. They also allow kids to explore their creativity by making up obstacle courses and designing challenges for other players!

Top 10 Robot Car Toys for Kids to Learn Coding

Following are the top 10 robot car toys to learn to code

I. Robotic Evo-Rover: Robotics Evo-rover is a remote control toy car that can be programmed to navigate its own course or follow a line on the floor.

II. Lego Boost: Lego boost is an app-controlled robot kit with programmable features such as distance, speed, and direction of movement.

lego robot toys for kids


III. Coding Car by Mattel: The coding car comes with two modes of play- racing and programming.

IV. Littlebits Coding Kit: The coding kit has a list of instructions, materials you need to make your own robot car such as Lego blocks, screws, and battery holders that teach kids how to code by setting up circuits for the wheel rotation speed and direction of movement.

V. Meccano R/C Race Car: Meccano is an old-fashioned toy with real metal parts which teach kids basic principles like gears, rods, axles, etc in order to build their very first motorized vehicle!

robot car toys for kids


VI. Project McQueen Remote Control Robot Vehicle by ThinkGizmos: The remote control robotic race car can be controlled via Bluetooth on any device or even voice commands through Alexa i.fe. “Alexa, ask McQueen to go forward.”

VII. Sylvanian Families Remote Control Car: This toy car is a remote control that can be controlled via Bluetooth on any device or even voice actions through Alexa i.e., “Alexa, tell the Sylvanian family’s vehicle to move back”

VIII. Groove Motorized Robot by Lego: The groove motorized robot has programmable software and an app where kids can build their own paths for it while they are driving!

IX. Hot Wheels App Control Self Driving RC Car: This toy car is a remote control that can be controlled via Bluetooth on any device or even voice actions through Alexa i.e., “Alexa, tell Hot Wheels to go forward.”

bluetooth paired robot car toys for kids


X. Lomiko Jr DIY Smart Robot Car: With the coding app and online tutorials this robot car is set up so kids feel very accomplished when they are done with it and! are ready to take it on a drive.

Benefits of Robot Car Toys for children

Following are the benefits of robot car toys for children

  1. They can learn how to code without even realizing it!
  2. It is a fun way for kids and parents to spend time together.
  3. It develops STEM and STEAM learning in children. 
  4. They are great for kids who love to tinker and explore.
  5. Kids can imagine their own robot, draw it up, create a storyline, then code it! This provides hours of creative playtime that is educational as well.
  6. These toys allow for the development of skills in problem-solving, logical thinking, and design among other things which will be useful later in life when facing real-world obstacles.

As you can see, there are many benefits for children to learn about coding through robot car toys. The easiest way is to get the child involved in playtime and have them imagine their own robot design! Then they will be able to code with a lot more ease because it’s something that interests them.


We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 robot car toys for kids that will help them learn to code and develop technical skills. These are perfect gifts for any occasion, including birthdays or Christmas! Kids who want to learn how to code can start with this toy-driven learning program. 

It has been shown over time that children engage better with technology when it is presented in an interactive way like this one, rather than just sitting in front of a computer screen reading instructions from their parents. Your kids can now explore the world of robotics hands-on with MySparklebox robotics kits!


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