Looking for Pranks to Pull Off on your Kid? Try These 10 Harmless Pranks!
Harmless Pranks That Won’t Scar Kids for Life

Harmless Pranks That Won’t Scar Kids for Life

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Why Should You Prank Your Kid?

A practical joke, commonly known as pranks, is a mischievous activity between friends to embarrass each other and laugh. Pranks might involve anger, fear, or disappointment, but in the end, they all vanish, leaving only smiles and relaxation behind. Due to some extreme pranksters, practical jokes got a bad name. By trying to amass likes for their videos, many teenagers pranks extremely, putting their lives in danger or the others’ lives. 

However, good-natured pranking is still recommended once in a while, for its benefits are a lot. Parents must encourage the child’s sense of humor. It intensifies the bond between friends, makes the kids creative, teaches them to deal with extreme situations, and obviously, pranking ends in smiles. Pranking teaches kids not to take everything seriously, and loosening up a little is good for us. 

10 Harmless Pranks You Can Play on Your Kids!

Prank calls

One of the simplest pranks is prank calling. Most kids these days have mobile phones these days. So a parent can prank call the kid from a different number. If your child is shrewd and can recognize your voice, then ask a friend to call. Depending upon the scenario, you may even watch your kid’s reaction from a distance. 

 kids prank calling

For example, you can try to make the kid afraid or angry. If they seem composed and handle the situation very well, you should be proud. But if they bite the bait and argue or start to get anxious, it is time to break it up. Your little one may be angry for some time, but they will eventually laugh it off, promising to get you back. And you should watch out because kids are creative!

Bad cookies

You have dozens of options to prank your kids with food. Try baking cookies that smell incredible and make the little one salivate. But there is a twist. Instead of sugar, you have used salt. Watch in amusement as they take the first bite and take a snapshot of their reaction later!

Sock sewing

This one will take some time to set up and a lot of good socks, but it’s worth it. Take one sock from all the pairs of socks your kid has. Then sew them in the middle in the same color as the socks. After the kid inserts one foot in an unaltered sock and tries to push the other one in, they won’t be able to. It will take a while to understand the problem and some more time until it finally dawns on them that you pulled a fast one on them. 

Legs view of happy family wearing warm socks in front of fireplace

A huge insect!

Take a thick sheet of paper and outline a spider or a terrifying insect. Then cut it out neatly and stick it inside a bedside lamp. The key is to stick it inside, not out, as the kid would espy it’s a trick. When they switch on the light, they will see a shadow of a monstrous, scary bug cast on the wall. A plucky and inquisitive child might try to find the sneaky insect and then laugh in glee when they find out you played a trick on them. 

A shadow of a cut out insect prank

Glued coin

If you have a habit of taking a stroll with your kid, this one will be simply too giggle-inducing to resist. Before you go for your regular walk, make a short trip through the lane you usually take. Stop at a safe place where there is no traffic. Then superglue a coin on the tarmac or the walking platform, and return home. When you take your kid for that day’s walk, make sure you maneuver them in a way that their eyes won’t miss the coin. As they bend and use their desperate fingers to peel the coin away, you shall giggle in amusement.

Mayonnaise ice cream!

Buy some ice-cream cones or cups. Instead of filling it with scoops of ice-cream, fill it with mayonnaise. To add authenticity, cover it with chocolate syrup and sprinkles. Watch in amusement as their face scrunches in distaste when they take a bite.

Shocked boy with mayonnaise ice cream cup- pranks

Shampoo prank

Bathrooms seem like an optimal place for many pranks. You can just cut out a piece of cello tape and cover the mouth of the shampoo. Or when the child is bathing and washing their head, you sneak behind and add shampoo on their head but only so little. As they try to wash away the lather, they simply won’t be able to.

shampoo pranks on kid

Honking seat!

You don’t necessarily have to use an air horn as it tends to scare the children too much. You can use anything that makes a funny noise when pressed, like a squeezy toy. Put it under your kid’s chair. And when they hear a noise and find the source of it, you will watch them laugh gleefully. 

Water spill!

Fill a glass full of water and put a coaster on top of it. Press the coaster, upend it, and place it on the table. Then with one swift movement, take the coaster out. After a while, when the child comes to the dinner table, they will spot the ’empty’ inverted glass and lift it, only to have water spilled on their clothes. 

You’ve grown so tall!

Tear out the toilet paper and squeeze them into two neat balls. Then stuff them into your child’s shoes. The next time they try to wear their shoes, and they won’t fit, you can tell them that they’ve grown so much.

tall kid pranks illustration


Kids these days keep busy with their online classes and assignments even on weekends. So pulling off a few pranks every now and then will help them release their stress and indulge in a laugh riot with their friends, siblings and family! These pranks do not cause any harm but help you create memories to cherish for a long time!

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