Age 7-8 Years

Explore Learning with Educational Toys for 7 to 8 Year Olds

Transition years for any child can be stressful. But with SparkleBox educational toys for 7 to 8 year olds, your worry can take the back seat. Carefully designed and structured keeping in mind the curriculum of major boards, these kits provide children with a fun way of learning complex problems. All they have to do is open these educational toys for 7 year olds and let the magic begin. These educational toys are age-appropriate for 7-8 year old boys and girls.

Allow Your 7 Year Old Learn Playfully with Educational Toys

The kits come in most of your child’s favourite subjects – Maths, Science, Art, English and futuristic subjects such as Robotics and Aeromodelling. The content of these activity kits are child safe, non-toxic and curated by experts from IIT making them the best educational toys for 8 year olds. Gone are the days of only textbook learning, we make learning come alive in a box.

Discover the science of things, as your child learns about the food pyramid, importance of a balanced diet, evaporation, sedimentation and more in the much loved educational toy for 7 year old boys and girls – Discovery Station by SparkleBox.

Visualise Math Easily for 8 Year Olds with Educational Toys

Is your child afraid of Math? If your answer is yes, then get them the Visualize Math Kit from SparkleBox. When children learn concepts by doing hands-on activities their understanding is better and clearer as compared to only textbook learning. Since activities are multi-sensorial retention, what they learn will also be longer. So get them the best educational toys for 8 year olds today!

Make Your 7-8 Year Old Art-smart with Educational Toys

Is your child a born artist or just loves to dabble with paint? Give them the Art and Craft Kit from SparkleBox. Packed with educational toys for 8 year olds that won’t just add to their imagination but also improve their dexterity, hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Your child learns about colours, shapes, patterns, texture and so much more from just one box!

Video: Grade-2 Math kit unboxing video | Visual2e Math 2020

Educational toys and kits are always better for kids than ordinary toys which eventually break easily and do not constitute much in the knowledge building of kids. Sparklebox’s educational toys for 7-8 years old are super fun and keep kids indulged all day long.

This is the age where they are more outgoing and want to explore every item they get their hands on. If you are tired of giving them smartphones and tablets to play with, Sparklebox’s educational toys for 7 year old are perfect for them. Each kit contains different activities and 10+ science experiments which are not only fun to play with but involve concept-building techniques and working models.

8 year old kids are generally excited about automated toys and playsets like remote control car, aeroplanes, train sets etc, but all of these are very common and kids usually get bored of them sometimes. But Sparklebox’s educational toys for 8 year olds have some amazing kits with science experiments which are not only super fun to play but give strong concept building lessons to kids with experiments and subjects like working windmill, aeromodelling kits, and many more science and maths activities to indulge in.
7 year old boys are often influenced by technology, always playing games and watching videos on their parent’s smartphones or laptops. This is the age where the real problem of excess screen time arises. To counter this Sparklebox has an amazing range of educational toys for 7 year old kids which contains engaging experiments and knowledge learning activities for our kids
8 year old kids are full of energy and like to play all day long, for them doing nothing and doing everything defines the same level of fun and excitement. Especially at home, they just run around the house happy in their world, but if you want them to channelize their energy and enthusiasm in the right direction, Sparklebox’s educational toys for 8 year old are the best kits you can gift them.

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