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About Us

About Us

Sparklebox is an activity kit which supports children to learn concepts through a variety of engaging activities.
The instruments and models used/assembled for the activities are designed to enhance learning through a visual & learning by doing approach.

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Ideation :

The concept of Sparklebox is derived from experiences in corporates & learnings from premier institutions like IITs and IIMs. The Co-Founders with their real world experiences learnt that learning happens beyond theories & books and hence each kit comprises of activities which teaches children to perform and understand the concepts in practical form through hands-on activities.

Our Mission:

Making children learn in a highly engaging environment by involving them in the learning process through variety of activities. We are envisioned to make each subject for the children relevant, by showing connection between concepts and activities.


Our USP:

Academically Mapped Activities Grade & Age Appropriate.

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