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    Quad Vision Bots using LDR and Ultrasonic Sensor | SparkleBox | Combination of 4 robots | Ideal for Kids age 10 years and above

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    Smartphone Controlled Robot | Ideal for Age 10 years and Above | SparkleBox

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    Grade Pre Nursery | Art and Craft Kit | 9 Activities

    5.00 out of 5
    250270 912(20% off)
  • My World of Craft | DIY crafting kit | Ideal for children aged 3 and above

    4.33 out of 5
    250 1,519(20% off)

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Learning can be quite a task, but learning through fun activities using educational kits for kids can be exciting. What if you had the opportunity to buy kids educational toys online and allow your child to learn different subjects like English, Math, Science, and Art by using a fun-filled approach? SparkleBox is home to the best educational kits for kids and is the brainchild of alumni from IITs and IIMs who have understood the learning requirements of children spread across different ages and educational levels and have designed a unique learning approach filled with fun and learning. We have come out with a unique approach to learning in an attempt to make learning fun and informative through our kids educational kits.

The educational kits for students by SparkleBox is a fusion of both fun and learning. Our educational toys for kids are made keeping in mind the needs and wants of children spread across different ages. We aim to make learning fun for kids through our grade level educational kits. Our educational toys for toddlers are created to ensure that your child enjoys learning through fun learning educational games and activities.

Through our educational kits and toys for kids, we aim to make learning interactive. Thanks to the efforts of alumni from IITs and IIMs in designing the learning kits for kids, we ensure that you will find the best educational toys for kids SparkleBox. Our learning toys and kits are carefully designed keeping in mind the needs and wants of children spread across different age groups and different educational boards and levels. SparkleBox also gives exclusive online access to online learning modules to make learning fun, interesting, and full of learning. If you are looking for educational toys online in India, your search ends here. Our online presence ensures pan India shipping, allowing a hassle-free way to buy educational kits online.

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